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Archived from June 3rd

I'm happy to report that clays are now back on the agenda big time. With South Worcester opening again after an 11-week layoff, some of us were able to enjoy two shoots this week.

A damp day but temperature was perfect and there.nwas an improved 13 gun turnout by the Dodgers at Redditch..

Gareth tweaked the layout again and excelled himself by putting on a quartering teal across the bottom stand. The fact that it was probably over 50metres out when we got our sights on it was reflected on the scorecards. Suzy and Dave Salter did well to hit two of them. One or two others amongst us managed to find the odd one.

The general consensus about that stand was that it was good to see that Gareth had not lost his sense of humour since re-opening the ground.

Top gun with 61 was Dave Salter. He beat Bob Warder by just one target. The handicap victor was Robert Wilson who put in a great round to win by 6 points. Well done Robert, you've set yourself a very high benchmark for next week.

Dave Salter seems in great form at the moment. His 88% at SW was his best this year. John Griffiths won the SW handicap. His 6 kills above-average proved that his absence from his gun cabinet proved no handicap. Well done Dave and John. Finally, social distancing is the key to beating this terrible virus. Please be respectful and do not involve yourself in any avoidable close contacts. At both grounds, the distancing discipline seemed to work well though I believe that one squad at SW, (not the Dodgers) seemed a little too relaxed. A shame really as they are only putting their own shooting companions at risk, Be careful and be safe.

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