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March 11th

Wow, I cannot recall anyone, in the long history of the Coffin Dodgers Association, ever beating their previous average score by 21 kills. Dave Nightingale did just that with a remarkable score of 71.

To do so when only one other Dodger managed to break 60, raises the suspicion that David has discovered a new and potent chemical enhancement and is keeping it to himself. His handicap score of 94 has surely set a record that will be virtually impossible to match.

Both the high gun and handicap runner up title went to our very own immaculately dressed fashion guru, He Li, Li's score was a personal best. His 67 kills beat his previous best by 5.

Outstanding scores from Chris Monk, Trevor G, and Duncan Scott, gave each of them handicap scores into the 80's while the usual suspects for the high gun had a miserable morning which emphasised the absolute quality of this week's best shooting.

South Worcester provided another excellent range of targets, but given that our squad of 5 all exceeded their average scores suggesting that Mr Clements had toned down his targets a little. It's worth mentioning that their long crossers and crane mounted driven targets are a regular source of frustration to experienced shooters even when he takes pity on us compromised mortals.

Top gun and handicap winner was the Butlers runner up, He Li. His 76 at S.W. left him with an average score of over 82% for his day's shooting. Well done Li, an impressive day's shooting.

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