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Archived from March 11th

March 4th

I Cannot believe the ground crew have let us off lightly again this week. Instead, I will report a massive improvement in the Dodgers skill levels as I see it.

The averages score was the best this year which suggests that many Dodgers must have been receiving some private tuition from Mr Butler himself. Eric posted his top score for over 2 years with a cracking 63 kills. he was closely followed by Dave Salter and He Li who both scored 62. Eric beat Li to the handicap medal by just 0.56% of a target. Eric and Li both shot up to their best standard with Li improving his best score this year by 10 kills.

Well done both of you. Several squads had problems getting round today, We will try and find out why next week though there seemed to be a little bunching on some of the far stands later in the morning. Malcolm Speer had to leave early with his shoot unfinished so, as usual under these circumstances,

I have rounded up his actual recorded score by adding his achieved average of the day for the stands he was unable to complete. A mild and dry shoot at Butlers was followed by a cold and soggy afternoon at South Worcester with waterproofs the order of the day. Dave Salter again proved that cream always rises to the top by putting in a confident and unbeatable 82. The runner up with a score of 77 was Tony Gray. We suspect that Tony's excellent performance was, rather uncharacteristically, his celebration of returning unscathed from a morning of exercising a large lively horse.

A horse that usually demonstrated it's personal dislike for Tony by sending him shooting with battle scars and, or broken bones to prove it.

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