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Archived from February 26th

26th February

A highly modified course at Butlers showing that the ground staff are still feeling industrious even in the present cold spell.

A marked improvement in the scores suggesting Shane has been feeling a bit sorry for us. His masters degree in maths let him down again this week as he only marked up 73 targets. I'm aware one squad shot two less than required but I dont have all their names to enable an average increment to be added.

Dave Salter went onto the last stand with a potential 71 for a full house, but he missed two!. Still top gun and handicap winner by a proverbial mile.

Great shooting.. Bob Warder popped in another massive 66. Someone's gonna have to drive the truck over his barrel one day .

Trevor Griffiths, Simon Honeybourne and Ian Jeffries all deserve a special mention for putting in exceptional scores. Well done men.

Upton on Severn was still at the mercy of the river Severn but the South Worcester ground remained dry. Once again some great targets. Len Sandford took high score with a very satisfying 81. Li's close-run 78 was sufficient to make him the handicap winner. A smashing day's shooting all round.

Great shoot on all fronts. No-one got soaked and our averages were up into the 'normal' bracket. CDA champion Bob Warder was the only gun to get into the 60's, HIs 62 beat Bob Jordan by three kills. Eric Hall took the handicap medal by the tiniest of margins from Julian Shuker followed by the 'keeper of the rabbit', Trveor Griffiths.

Once again Trevor's 20g proved that size isn't everything. It was a seriously wet afternoon at South Worcester if only because the River Severn was lapping near the top of the flood defences which happily kept the town centre quite dry. The town was surrounded by water and only two roads in and out of the town were passable. The shooting ground was relatively unaffected and another good shoot was enjoyed by all. Dave Salter once again demonstrated that the cream always comes to the top. His 82 kills took the scratch and handicap high gun.

Any Dodger wanting to get a second shoot in at SW, let Len know and transport can almost certainly be arranged. Their high birds alone make the visit interesting!.

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