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Archived from February 12th

February 12th

A cold but dry day and another testing set of targets.

Bob Warder was high gun with a quite modest (for Bob) score of 56. He Li was top of the handicap scores.

The Fast crosser on top field once again made a mess of many scorecards. It looks so simple but proves that a skilful trapper can deceive a skilful shooter. Shane must be proud of that target. I hope he leaves it alone for a while, at least until one or two of us can hit it a few times.

As an aside, Dave Salter had to retrieve Len's Beretta from the pond with his magnet after it refused to break clays that suspended themselves over the business end of his muzzle. It was just as bad after it's ducking.

I'll bet his Auto comes out again soon. A full squad card at South Worcester where Dave Salter proved once again that the cream will always come to the top. His 83/100 was 12 above the tied runners up. A great day's shooting at both venues.

Can we remind Coffin Dodgers to enter the full names of new shooters against their scores. We can then log them properly onto the weekly scoresheet.

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