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Archived from October 30th

For some reason Trevor took the semi-auto out of the cabinet and it did manage to shoot quite well scoring 65/75 making him high gun and handicap winner. However, that may well have been a different outcome if Len and Dave S had managed to attend. A mention for Sam who managed his personal best for the year so far.

The average score was 46.8.

There were eighteen Dodgers this morning and once again the ground was very well attended for a Wednesday. Some of us would like to thank ‘The Team’ at HWSG for the provision of seating around the ground which is very welcome when we have to wait to shoot.

30th October 2019

Butler’s: Trevor was high gun with 65/75. Average score – 46.8. He also won the handicap.

23rd October 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 63/75. Noel won the handicap. The average score was 49.8.

South Worcester: Dave S High gun with 92/100

16th October:

Butler’s: Awaiting some results.

South Worcester: Two squads shooting different courses. Results not published.

9th October 2019

Butler’s: Bob J (20 gauge) was high gun with 59/75. Average score – 50.1. Trevor won the handicap.

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