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Archived from September 25th

Today was a very ‘kind’ shoot. Unfortunately, there were only twelve Dodgers who were able to make it. However, over half of them scored in the sixties. The average score was 58.1

KotR even managed to find another two targets on Bob J’s card which took him to 67 with his 20 gauge!

Mention to Dave N who scored 61 with his 28 gauge. Just one little hiccup for Dave at stand one when he tried to fit a 20 gauge cartridge into his 28 gauge gun.

A quick visit to Mr Butler for a slab of cartridges. Poor Eric was deserted by his usual squad members and shot with Trevor’s squad. Despite this, the squad scored well!

Peter has now had his operation and is on his way to recovery.

At South Worcester, Dave S shot a blistering round scoring 88/100.

Dodgers Website

Keith who maintains our website, has indicated that it is receiving few ‘hits’. He will monitor it for a while before a decision is made about its future. A considerable amount of time is expended producing material and updating the site but there seems little point if it is not being viewed. Any feed-back on this would be welcome and a reminder, that anyone is free to produce items for the newsletter.

25TH. September 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 69/75. Trevor won the handicap. The average score was 58.1.

South Worcester: Dave S High gun with 88/100

18th September 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 70/75. Average score – 58.1 Stephen won the handicap.

South Worcester. Li was high gun with 69/100.

4th September 2019

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 64/75. Average score – 48.9. Peter won the handicap.

South Worcester.

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