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Archived from August 28th

28th August 2019

Sometimes it just comes together as it did for Trevor this week scoring 67/75 for high gun and handicap winner with his new gun. Sadly this was not replicated at South Worcester in the afternoon, equalling Tony with 71/100, just one target behind Len who was high gun.

Eric, Nigel and Chris all scored their personal bests for the year so far. Simon scored 63 for second place. Bob W and Dave N also scored in the 60’s.

The unfortunate thing about this new gun is that it has a re-cycling issue, failing too frequently to fire the second shot. This is most probably down to the cartridges and hopefully the Power Blues will sort the issue out.

Punishment for going over to ‘The Dark Side’ in buying a semi-automatic.

Thanks to the Dodgers who have forwarded me the scores. This is a great help.

John G is still unable to shoot because of his shoulder problem but still came down to South Worcester to keep us all in order. We were also ‘blessed’ with Ian’s company during the day keeping people supplied with sweets and merry little quips!

28th August 2019

Butler’s: Trevor high gun and handicap winner with 67/75. Average score 52.2

South Worcester. Len was high gun 72/100. Trevor and Tony both scored 71/10. Trevor won the handicap.

21st August 2019


Only two scorecards received.

South Worcester:

Tony G High gun and handicap winner with 80/100.

14th August 2019

Butler’s: Li was high gun with 57/75. Average score – 45.2 Trevor won the handicap.

South Worcester. Tony was high gun and handicap winner with 75/100.

7th August 2019

Butler’s: John T was high gun with 60/75. Average score – 44.8. Nigel won the handicap.

South Worcester. Tony and Li were equal high gun with 82/100. Tony won the handicap

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