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Archived from August 21st

21st August 2019

Highest score received is that of Len with 63/77. Will assume this will be high gun. Handicap cannot be determined as few results received this week.

KotR very pleased with 43/77 having brought his 410 out to play. This had to be reduced by ten targets when the addition was later checked. Did manage 60/100 at South Worcester with it!

Eric returns from his holiday in France, managing to remember to drive on the right almost all of the time.

At South Worcester, Tony scored 80/100 for high gun with Dave S one target behind. Thanks again to John G for doing the ‘admin’!

21st August 2019


Only two scorecards received.

South Worcester:

Tony G High gun and handicap winner with 80/100.

14th August 2019

Butler’s: Li was high gun with 57/75. Average score – 45.2 Trevor won the handicap.

South Worcester. Tony was high gun and handicap winner with 75/100.

7th August 2019

Butler’s: John T was high gun with 60/75. Average score – 44.8. Nigel won the handicap.

South Worcester. Tony and Li were equal high gun with 82/100. Tony won the handicap

31st July 2019

Butler’s: Len and Bob W equal high gun with 63/75. Average score – 51.9. Howard won the handicap.

South Worcester. Len was high gun 77/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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