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Archived from November 28th

28th November 2018

There may be some errors on the spread sheet. It would be helpful if some of the surnames were written in full, occasionally difficult to tell one Bob from another etc. Please let KotR know if there are any glaring errors.

Last week saw the occasion of Len and Nigel’s birthdays. We were treated to some tasty ‘scran’ before the shooting started. Thanks very much. Sadly (or possibly fortunately for them both) no-one was brave enough to initiate a round of ‘Happy Birthday to You’.

Our Christmas shoot will be on 19th December and as usual, the menu is being put out on a Wednesday morning for people to write down what they intend to bring. This has helped to ensure we have a good variety of fare on the day.

Len was high gun this week with Julian winner of the handicap medal.

Keith will once again be photographing our Christmas shoot and would like our cooperation before we actually begin. This year, he will be using a drone to take a video of us before we start shooting. It would be very helpful to him if we could all assemble in the car-park or possibly in the air-gun area so he could have an aerial shot of us as a group (Shot not the best choice of words Trev - KP)

Keith gives up a day of his holiday to do this for us as well as maintaining our website for many years. Our thanks to him.

28th November 2018

Butler’s Len high gun 62/75. Julian was the handicap winner.

South Worcester Len high gun 81/100

14th November 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 64/75. Trevor takes the handicap. Average score was 44.8.

South Worcester. Len was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

7th November 2018

Butler’s Len High gun with 60/75. Bob G (2) handicap winner.

Average score was 51.1

Len high gun at South Worcester.

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