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Archived from November 21st

14th November 2018

The results this week will not be accurate as there were only 73 targets, with most shooters taking the extra pair on different stands. They should not be too far out, though.

Len was high gun with 64/75 and Trevor took the handicap with the only other score in the 60’s using his 28 gauge. Four different calibres being used today. 12, 20, 28 and 36! Great fun to use the smaller calibres and competitive.

The club was once again quite busy for a Wednesday morning. Overall, the scores seemed to be somewhat lower than usual with an average of 44.8.

The South Worcester contingent enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. Len was high gun once again with 82/100, managing to stay ahead of Trevor’s 28 gauge.

14th November 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 64/75. Trevor takes the handicap. Average score was 44.8.

South Worcester. Len was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

7th November 2018

Butler’s Len High gun with 60/75. Bob G (2) handicap winner.

Average score was 51.1

Len high gun at South Worcester.

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