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Archived from November 7th

7th November 2018

For those who didn’t shoot the ‘Extreme’ shoot… it was just that. Many challenging targets with the top guns only into the 70’s out of 120. A great deal of hard work went into the planning and setting of this course. Well done to those involved.

For a change, we didn’t enjoy decent weather and received a good soaking instead. Good news for those visiting South Worcester in the afternoon – the sunshine managed to do a reasonable job of drying us out! Considering the conditions, the morning’s shoot was well supported. Len was high gun, just reaching the 60 mark with Bob G (2) handicap winner.

Our Christmas shoot will follow the usual format and plans are already underway.

7th November 2018

Butler’s Len High gun with 60/75. Bob G (2) handicap winner.

Average score was 51.1

Len high gun at South Worcester.

31st October 2018


Dave S. High gun with 64/75. Simon won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester

Len high gun with 81/100

24th October 2018

Butler’s: Bob W and Len tied for high gun with 68/75. Len wins with handicap. Bob G (2) won the weekly handicap. Average score was 55.0

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 84/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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