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Archived from October 31st

31st October 2018

The weekly High Gun medal has been mislaid. Please have a scout around to see if it is lurking anywhere.

Ian J managed to squeeze past the sixty barrier and earns a High Five award. Well done.

Only fifteen of us shooting this week Dave S was high gun with 64/75. Trevor and Julian were the only others to score in the 60’s. Well done to Malcolm for achieving 50/75 with his 20 gauge. Bob J managed 56 with his 20 bore. Simon was this week’s handicap winner.

Hopefully, Malc took our advice not to venture out on Halloween to prevent frightening any children. He is from Worcester, though!

A very pleasant afternoon at South Worcester. The fine weather had brought far more shooters out than usual. Len was high gun with 81/100 and also handicap winner. John managed 56% with his 28 gauge.

This Friday sees an Extreme Shoot at HWSG. Best of luck to all those attending.

31st October 2018


Dave S. High gun with 64/75. Simon won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester

Len high gun with 81/100

24th October 2018

Butler’s: Bob W and Len tied for high gun with 68/75. Len wins with handicap. Bob G (2) won the weekly handicap. Average score was 55.0

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 84/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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