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Arhived from October 24th

24th October 2018

The course has changed little over the last few weeks, probably owing to the introduction of the ‘card’ system, which seems to be working OK.

We had a really pleasant autumnal day for our shooting. Bob W and Len tied for first place with 68/75. Bob J was snapping at their heels, just two targets behind with his 20 gauge. Trevor’s twenty also scored in the 60’s.

Bob G (2) scored 61/75 giving him handicap winner for the week. Personal bests for the year from Len, Bob G (2), Suz and Bob J.

Ian J just managed to sneak in a quiet 60 after coming very close for a while. Well done!

Friday 2nd November will see another ‘Extreme’ Shoot. Always well organized and challenging.

At South Worcester, Len just managed to ‘pinch’ it from Trevor on the last stand with 84/100. 82 isn’t too shabby for a 20 gauge down there though.

24th October 2018

Butler’s: Bob W and Len tied for high gun with 68/75. Len wins with handicap. Bob G (2) won the weekly handicap. Average score was 55.0

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 84/100. Trevor won the handicap.

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