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Archived from September 12th

Work still progressing with the installation of the ‘Claymate’ system. Concerns are being expressed regarding ‘no birds’ etc. but hopefully these problems will be sorted out.

It stayed fine for us again with good shooting conditions. Bob W shot an excellent 69/75. Just another six for a full house… Remember there is a shield for anyone scoring 70 or over!

There were a number of personal bests for the year: Chris (55), Bob W (69), Julian (66) Duncan (48) and Simon with 60. Well done to all those.

Duncan was handicap winner this week with Simon just .12 of a target behind.

If anyone is interested in a 20 gauge Caesar Guerini, they might find something to their advantage at the bottom of the end pool! Trevor’s scores are moving towards single figures.

Wednesday mornings are becoming quite popular, but we managed to get around without undue delay.

At South Worcester, Trevor was high gun against fierce competition. The stress of shooting at that level is considerable.

Joy of joy! The traffic lights have been reinstated over the bridge at Upton!

12th September 2018

Butler’s: Bob W was High gun with 69/75. Average score was 53.9. Duncan won the handicap.

South Worcester: Trevor High gun with 66/100.

5th September 2018

Butler’s: Len was high gun with 67/75. Howard won the handicap Average score was 53.7

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 73/100.

29th August 2018

Butler’s: Eric H, Bob W and Ian E were equal high gun with 63/75. Ian takes it when handicap considered! Ian also won the handicap Average score was 51.9

South Worcester. Dave S was high gun with 76/84. John G won the handicap

22nd August 2018

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 50.4 Ian E. won the handicap.

South Worcester Julian W was high gun with 73/10

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