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Archived from August 15th

Bob W was high gun with 65/75. Dave S was runner-up, just one target behind. Peter had an excellent score with a personal best of 62 and Dave N also scored in the 60’s. Mike had another personal best with 47. We had 23 people squadded which is the largest number so far.

Again, it was very busy at the club, which may be down to the holiday season or increased popularity of the sport. We did manage to ‘negotiate’ the course without undue delay.

Just another ‘Heads-up’! Don’t forget to put our Christmas shoot in your diary. 19th December! It looks as though it will be well attended.

At South Worcester, Tony was high gun with 75/100.

15th August 2018

Butler’s: Bob W was High gun with 65/75. Average score was 48.4. Dave N won the handicap.

South Worcester: Tony High gun with 75/100.

8th August 2018

Butler’s: Dave was high gun with 60/75. Mike won the handicap Average score was 46.5

South Worcester. Len was high gun with 67/84.

1st August 201

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun with 63/75. Average score was 48.3. Ian E. won the handicap.

South Worcester Julian W was high gun with 73/10

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