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Archived from May 9th

Twenty Dodgers were squadded into five groups.

Ian J had arrived with a bagful of Greggs finest as a treat for the Dodgers on his birthday. Trevor kept his head down. This situation was not to last as he was soon treated to a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in the car park. Very many thanks to everyone for the card etc. Ian was also serenaded while non- Dodgers looked mystified at the scene.

We had a testing course again this week. KotR managed to find an extra target on Dave S’ card to squeeze a 60 from him. Simon was this week’s handicap winner. Trevor was pleased with 57 from his 20 gauge Beretta which doesn’t see the light of day as frequently as it should.

Looking over the spreadsheet, it goes back to March when our average weekly score was over 50. It is now quite a rare event for anyone to shoot 60+. Please remember, the High Five badges are still available.

Gary managed time away from work and produced a very creditable 56!

The South Worcester contingent enjoyed some good targets with Len high gun and handicap winner. John’s 28 gauge and Trevor’s 20 both scoring well.

7th March 2018

Butler’s: Dave S high gun with 60/75. Simon won the handicap. Average score was 48.8

South Worcester Len High gun and Handicap winner.

2nd. May 2018

Butler’s Dave S was high gun with 61/75. Chris won the handicap. Average score was 44.9

South Worcester Trevor and Tony tied for high gun.

25th April 2018

Butler’s. Bob W was high gun and handicap winner with 59/75. Average score was 40.6

South Worcester Len was high gun with 77/100. Trevor won the handicap.

18th April 2018

Butler’s. Ian J was high gun with 53/73. Robert won the handicap.

South Worcester. TBA

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