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Archived from March 28th

March 28th

Rather unusually, Bob J was unable to make this week’s shoot. He was getting married! The Dodgers send their very best wishes to Bob and Brenda.

This week was one of the coldest and wettest we have experienced for a while and this was reflected in many scores. It was bad enough shooting, never mind marking and buttoning! Despite these conditions, there was a good turn-out at the club, with eighteen Dodgers squadded. Our waterproof scorecards once again coming into their own. Thanks to the markers for not pressing too hard with the 2B pencils, we want these scorecards to last as long as possible.

Len was high gun with 66/75 and Ian J won the handicap. Special mention must be made of Ian’s score this week. An all-time personal best of 64! He obviously thrives in atrocious conditions!

As Dodgers are aware, KotR checks the score cards every week. This is mainly because the weekly handicap medal if frequently very close and a single target can make a difference. This week an extra five targets were found on Suz’ card, lifting her score considerably.

The Dodgers contingent at South Worcester had an unexpected bonus experiencing quite pleasant weather with blue sky appearing at times. Fortunately we finished before the downpour!

Scores were very close amongst the 12 gauges, with Dave S high gun, beating Tony by a single target. John’s 28 gauge beat Trevor’s by a single target also. Trevor’s 28 gauge has been showing its contempt for its stay in the cabinet.

There was an interesting target which was hit only once by Tony. A ‘going-away’ travelling so fast it probably reached the next county before a sight-picture had been acquired!

28th March 2018

Butler’s. Len was high gun with 66/75.Ian J won the handicap medal. Average score was 48.0

South Worcester Dave S was high gun with 79/100. Tony won the handicap.

21st March 2018

Butler’s. Len was high gun and handicap winner with 67/75

South Worcester. TBA

7th March 2018

Butler’s: Trevor tied with Bob J for high gun with 65/75. Simon and Howard tied for the weekly handicap with 87.17 Average score was 55.2

South Worcester Dave S was high gun with 75/100. John G won the handicap

28th February 2018

Butler’s Li was high gun with 64/75. Ian J won the weekly handicap medal. Average score was 55.8

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