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Archived from March 21st

21st March 2018

Today we enjoyed a very pleasant day which was a change from the cold and wind we had been experiencing.

Len shot an impressive 67/75 which is a personal best for the year so far. He was also the weekly handicap winner, separated by a third of a clay from Nigel who also shot his pb for the year. Just a few more targets for Nigel and he would have received his Sixty over Sixty badge. Eric L also shot his personal best so far this year. Four Dodgers managed to score in the 60’s and the average for the week was 51.9.

Eric and Sam were able to attend this week and it was good to see their ‘old squad’ reforming. Bob G has been unable to attend for some time now and we wish him well.

Hopefully, most if not all of us have contributed to the defibrillator. All contributions are welcomed. If you wish to be included on the training session please book a place (Wednesday 11th April at 1pm.

There will be an increase in the entry fee next month. There has not been an increase for a time now and I think everyone will agree that when we look at the facilities we are provided with at HWSG and compare them with elsewhere, we are very fortunate.

21st March 2018

Butler’s. Len was high gun and handicap winner with67/75

South Worcester. TBA

7th March 2018

Butler’s: Trevor tied with Bob J for high gun with 65/75. Simon and Howard tied for the weekly handicap with 87.17 Average score was 55.2

South Worcester Dave S was high gun with 75/100. John G won the handicap

28th February 2018

Butler’s Li was high gun with 64/75. Ian J won the weekly handicap medal. Average score was 55.8

21st February 2018

Butler’s. Dave S was high gun with 64/75. Duncan won the handicap medal. Average score was 50.4

South Worcester Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 87/100.

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