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Archived from December 13th

​13th December 2017

We started the morning with Eric giving a graphic display about the problem he experienced the week before with his ‘grundigs’. This was not for the faint of heart!

KotR thanks everyone who advised about being unable to attend. We fielded ten Dodgers plus guest John G who braved the trip north to shoot with us. John usually is confined to a radius of 2 miles around South Worcester because of his stalking activities but because South Worcester was cancelled, the magistrate gave special dispensation for him to visit Mr Butler’s.

It was a dreary morning with copious amounts of slush around the ground. This did not deter people for scoring well with Bob J and Bob W hitting 65 for high gun. Peter, who had been demoted to KotR’s squad, coped well with the experience, scoring 60 which gave him the handicap medal.

It will not have escaped your attention that much is now in place for our Christmas shoot. KotR will be bringing Roger, our mascot to the proceedings. A number of people have been good enough to take on a variety of tasks which should help us to have an enjoyable conclusion to our shooting year.

For those of you who win an award, a reminder to pose for a photo with Len. Also, a group photo will be called for after the presentations, so your cooperation would be most welcome.

As there are a number of medals available for the Dodgers to keep, it’s important that on this shoot we play on a level field. Could we all respect the following?

  • A visible piece to come off clay to count as a kill.

  • Only the first shooter in the squad to see the targets.

  • On report pairs: in the event of a no-bird with the second target – the first target is counted as established.

  • On simultaneous pairs: in the event of a no-bird – nothing is established.

  • If a shooter fails to see a target – the bird is lost.

13th December 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Bob W tied for high gun with 65. Bob J gets it with Handicap. Peter won the handicap medal. Average score was 56.0

South Worcester Shoot cancelled.

6th December 2017

Butler’s Len, Bob J, Peter, Dave S and Li were equal high gun with 58/75. Peter gets it when the handicap is taken into consideration. He also wins this week’s weekly handicap medal. The average score was 48.2

South Worcester Len was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

29th. November 2017

Butler’s Dave S was high gun with 55/75. Peter won this week’s handicap medal. The average score was 42.3

South Worcester Len was high gun and handicap winner with 83/100.

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