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Archived from October 26th

25th. October 2017

Bob J was high gun this week with 63/75. Trevor and Len tied for second with 60/75. Trevor wins the handicap medal this week. Trevor has been able to use his 12 gauge handicap score from the spread sheet so the smaller calibre scores do not give an advantageous figure.

KotR advises The Dodgers, that this Saturday is St. Jude’s Day, our Patron Saint.

We had a respectable turnout this week with Gary and Sam able to join us and Bob G(2) also now back.

Robert has started a collection for our Christmas shoot to provide gifts of appreciation for the staff. Please only give if you wish to.

We all dislike those phone calls. “We understand you have been involved in an accident…” KotR has a variety of ways to deal with them, ranging from asking the caller if they suffer from piles to thanking them for calling a ‘sex-chat’ line. Unusually, KotR’s mobile went off during the morning. Concerned that it was important, he answered it. “We understand you have been involved in an accident...” “Yes thank you I have. Could you speak up please, I am under fire at the moment (guns going off nearby) difficult to hear you!” Robert fires at a pair nearby. Phone goes dead!.

Road works created difficulty for some of us today. Don’t worry if you are delayed unexpectedly, join a squad and any missed stands can be shot later.

27th September 2017

Butler’s Bob J was High gun with 63/75. Trevor won the handicap medal Average score was 50.6.

18th October 2017

Butler’s Bob W was high gun with 66/75. Eric L wins the handicap medal. Average score was 50.1

South Worcester John G was high gun and handicap winner.

11th October 2017

Butler’s Bob J was high gun with 67/75. Suz won the handicap. The average score was 52.7

South Worcester Len was high gun with 72/100. John G won the handicap.

4th. October 2017

Butler’s High gun and handicap winner not established this week.

South Worcester Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

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