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Archived from October 4th

Only sixteen of us shooting this week in four squads. Unfortunately, one of the traps which was delivering a testing target was terminally buggerated, meaning two of our squads shot a different course. Under these circumstances, the high gun and handicap winner cannot be accurately established.

However, Bob W, Bob J and Len managed scores in the sixties. Commiserations to Dave N and Malcolm who just missed a credit for their High Five Award by a single target, much gnashing and growling occurred. Malcolm did score his personal best for the year, as did Mike. Trevor equalled his personal best with the .410 with 57 targets killed.

Malcolm has now joined the ‘small-bore’ contingent with a 20 gauge Cynergy which he used to good effect the previous Saturday.

Much joy awaits those who venture to South Worcester in the coming months. The bridge will be inaccessible owing to flood alleviation work. Alternative routes will be necessary. Check out South Worcester’s web site where John will keep us informed of progress.

The Dodgers experienced a ‘Treegate’ episode at South Worcester, when Len maintained that he had hit a target when it has just disappeared behind a tree. Much discussion and chuckle ensued. As a consolation, KotR did manage to find him an extra three targets on his scorecard. Unfortunately, he was also deducted one from the morning’s session.

The biggest ‘down-side’ to using a semi-auto, is collecting the spent cases. Many people now use a stick with a magnet on the end of it. Watching Len from a distance retrieving his cartridges, brought Uncle Bulgaria to mind!

4th. October 2017

Butler’s High gun and handicap winner not established this week.

South Worcester Dave S was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100.

27th September 2017

Butler’s Bob W was High gun with 71/75. He also won the handicap medal Average score was 56.6.

South Worcester Len high gun winner with 79/100. Trevor won the handicap.

22th. September 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun with 65/75. Rose wins the handicap medal. Average score was 52.6

South Worcester Len was high gun with 80/100. John wins the handicap.

13th September 2017

Butler’s Len was high gun and handicap winner this week with 62/75. The average score was 43.9

South Worcester Trevor was high gun and handicap winner with 82/100

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