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Archived from August 27th

23rd. August 2017

Bob G(1) will be unable to attend for a while following an injury sustained during an ‘Iron Man’ challenge at his local fitness centre. Possible slipped disc. Best wishes from the Dodgers for a speedy recovery.

Bob G and Eric have been shooting with us for well over ten years and despite poor weather conditions and Eric’s company, Bob is never deterred!

A welcome return to Fei who hasn’t lost any of his ability during his absence, achieving high gun with Bob J on 63/75. Bob takes it when the handicap is considered.

A mention for Eric L who is the weekly handicap winner with his best ever score of 53/75. His previous personal best was 45/75 so this must rate as one of the greatest improvements we have ever seen.

Well done Eric! Malcolm, Li and Duncan all shot personal bests for the year so far.

This week’s shoot enabled shooters of all abilities to produce a pleasing score whilst retaining some targets which would challenge the most talented. KotR was somewhat miffed having brought the 28 gauge Caesar into the daylight following a couple of months in the cabinet and missing a sixty by one target!

At South Worcester, John shot a reduced round using his 28 gauge Caesar because of his shoulder problem but still hit some excellent targets. Both of the spud-guns made the seventies!

Enquiries continue about Len’s progress. Malcolm at South Worcester commented that he hoped Len hadn’t lost any of his ability otherwise we would just keep hearing ‘BUGGER’ resonating around the ground!

23rd August 2017 Butler’s Bob J and Fei were high gun with 63/75. Bob wins when handicap taken into consideration. Eric L wins the handicap medal. Average score was 54.2 South Worcester Trevor was high gun with 72/100 and John scored 70.8

16th. August 2017 Butler’s Bob J and Dave S tied for high gun with 60/75. Bob wins when the handicap is taken into consideration. Simon wins this week’s handicap medal. South Worcester Li was high gun and John G wins the handicap.

9th August 2017 Butler’s Dave S high gun with 63/75. Duncan was the handicap winner. Average score was 47.7

South Worcester Li was high gun with 75/100. He also won the handicap.

2nd. August 2017 Butler’s Dave S was High gun with 65/75. Average score was 50.2. Simon won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Dave S high gun with 76/100. John G won the handicap.

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