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Archived from August 16th

16th. August 2017

Road closures were evident again today as a burst water main had turned Brockhill lane into a raging drizzle of water. Thanks to Sallie who emailed members with advice on alternative route.

Four squads today and for the second week running, no Len as his stitches need a little more time. Sixty was the top score today with Dave S and Bob J equal high gun. The Average score was 48.8. Simon was handicap winner again this week, beating Malcolm by just 0.16 of a target. Malcom achieved his personal best for the year with a score of 54/75.

At South Worcester, Ian was shooting his 410 very well, giving a glimpse of his shooting prowess when he used to have red hair, teeth and muscles. Many of the targets he took simultaneously and absolutely wrecked them. Li was high gun with 78/ 100 and Ian just behind with 70. Had Ian not made things so much more difficult for himself, his score would have been higher.

16th. August 2017

Butler’s Bob J and Dave S tied for high gun with 60/75. Bob wins when the handicap is taken into consideration. Simon wins this week’s handicap medal.

South Worcester Li was high gun and John G wins the handicap.

9th August 2017

Butler’s Dave S high gun with 63/75. Duncan was the handicap winner. Average score was 47.7

South Worcester Li was high gun with 75/100. He also won the handicap.

2nd. August 2017

Butler’s Dave S was High gun with 65/75. Average score was 50.2. Simon won the weekly handicap.

South Worcester Dave S high gun with 76/100. John G won the handicap.

26th. July 2017

Butler’s Julian was high gun with 63/75. Chris retains the handicap medal. Average score was 48.9

South Worcester Li was high gun with 73/100, also winning the handicap

Li was high gun and handicap winner at South Worcester. Trevor was more than pleased with 53/75 and 69/100 at Butlers and South Worcester respectively with his .410. He also ‘mullered’ the crossers from the high tower which had caused him problems all year.

Sadly, the journey north from S. Worcester on the M5 is now a nightmare with queues back to J5. Despite some serious ‘back-scuttling’, KotR’s journey was extended by at least 45 minutes. Continuing for two years, apparently.

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