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Archived from August 9th

9th. August 2017

Despite the foul weather which had been forecast, nineteen Dodgers signed into four squads. On leaving the club-house at around 10.00 am, the rain stopped, the skies brightened and we remained dry. The South Worcester contingent enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon. Quite a few people in attendance there this Wednesday.

Dave S was high gun again this week with 63/75 and one of our new members, Duncan, won this week’s handicap medal. Bob J was hot on Dave’s heels with the only other score in the sixties (just) at sixty one! Eric’s regained some form again scoring 57 for the second week running. Rob shot 45 with his 20 gauge today. Ian J and Simon had their scores increased by two following KotR’s inspection of the cards.

KotR had also to deduct one target from his own score, which doesn’t seem to play fair!!! The average score this week was 47.7.

It is good to see Bob G attending frequently. Bob has been one of us for many years and continues to dust a few targets.

Unfortunately, Julian S was unable to attend this week owing to a self-inflicted injury which buggerated his back. Len’s back had prevented him from shooting on account of it nursing seventeen stitches! Best wishes to the pair of them and trust they will be ‘back’ next week. (Groan).

The IAAF World Championship has been hit by the Norovirus. It has been suggested that the source was a London hotel. Now didn’t one of our own stay at that hotel recently? See picture for a clue.

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