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Atchived from November 15th


A super layout except for the far meadow. Two squads advised me that they could not see the targets for long enough to get a shot off so they shot other stands instead. When our squad reached the stand we understood the problem. the combination of an intrusive sun over the targets and .the lack of contrast between the yellow clays and the grass on the meadow made the targets almost invisible. From the squad card results.

It would appear that most shooters topped up their 75 targets on birds they could see. Our squad topprd up using an extra pair on each of our last three stands that we still had to shoot. A bit jammy perhaps but I sneaked to top spot with a very satisfyimg 64 broken clays. Gary Griffiths was just one point behind with Julian Waszczak on 59 taking the scratch bronze. Handicap topspot also went to Len with Gary Griffiths takig Silver and Roy Kithchen, continueing to steadily improve, taking the Bronze spot.

Only two in attendance at South Worcester, (be glad when the hunting's over). Len beat John Griffiths' 28g by just 4 targets while john took the handicap topspot by a massive 11 points. well done John.


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