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Archived from September 20th


Well, Autumn has definitely put in an appearance now. It pee'd down most of the morning at the H&W ground, soaking everyone who didn't dress adequately..Thank God and Mr Butler for covering most of the stands.

Considering the weather, I thought we had a good turnout. Some tidy scores in as well. Bob Warder took the scratch Gold medal place with his super 63 broken targets. Steve Honner, David Nightingale, and Len Sandford all tied for thr Silver spot and this was won by David on handicap adjustment. Len just shaved the Bronze position. Mark Reacord breezed the Handicap topspot with a score beating his average by a clear 15 targets. Runner up was Dave Nightingale with Len Sandford in the third Handicap place.

With much less shelter it was no surprise that only the hardiest sportsmen turned up at South Worcester. Just two. Len took the Gold scratch and handicap top position with 74% of his targets broken. Geoff Pomroy was just 2 targets behind to take both Silver places. A very interesting target on stand 4 with a slow looper from the tower leaving both scorers with a blank sheet. on that particular target. A post shoot return to the stand did little to help. anyones confidence. Let's see what next week brings. Once again, thanks everyone for getting the scores to me.A interesting aside, its only about 90 days to Xmas now I believe.


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