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Archived from October 25th


Some high scores again this week. Two scratch scores of 65 were shared by Bob Warder and Geoff Pomroy. Geoff's score was only one target off his years best and beat Bobs score into the runner up spot on handicap adjustment. (Handicap score is added to tied scores to produce a winner} Simon Honeyborne took the Bronze position. Roy Kitchen posted anothe massively improved score to easily take the Handicap Gold medal. A massive improvement again Roy, keep it up. Geoff Pomroy's scratch gold score also gave him the Handicap Silver place with Simon Honeyborne's Scratch Bronze also giving him third spot on the Handicap results. A super mornings shooting.

Meanwhile, at South Worcester, Paul Stokes joined us again and gave us a free lesson on how the ground's targets should be shot. On 7 of his ten stands, he dropped just one single target. Those stands were the finest bit of shooting I have witnessed on the grounb. His three easy warm up stands cost him 10 targets and let him down for a massive final score. His 89 kills easily took the top spot. Len was runner up with a very satisfying 82 leaving Geoff Pomroy in the bronze position. Len took the handicap top spot with Paul and John Grifiths taking the Handicap silver and bronze places respectively


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