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Archived from October 18th


Your commentator missed roll call last week due to an inflamed knee joint that made simply walking a very painful experience. He missed some exciting targets from the looks of your squad cards.

Some amazing scores were returned with Bob Warder taking the scratch topspot with only 7 missed targets. Just one behind was Chris Arthur, who took the Silver position from Bob Jordan who put in a similar score but just missed out on Handicap difference. Handicap scores were also astronomic. I suspect Mark Reacord has sneaked in a recent visit to Specsavers. His score this week was almost 18 targets better than his average.(Only joking about Specsavers Mark, a great score). Handicap Silver spot was only one point behind and was won by Chris Arthur, giving him both the scratch and handicap runner up spot. Bob Jordan took the Handicap Bronze position. A great set of improved scores gentlemen.

No scores from SW this week.


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