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Archived from November 16th


A super shoot at H&W this week. Loads of changes and some extremely challaenging targets. Only 2 shooters beat their average for the year. A credit to the groundsmen.

Top gun was Bob Warder who's 60 breaks was 6 better than the runner up. An impressive shooting display Bob. Gary Griffiths's 54 took the scratch Silver spot with Julian Waszcak's 62 taking the bronze position. Rhiddian Billingham was the only other shooter to beat the 50 barrier. Handicap Gold went to Nigel Jordan who beat his average by 1.6 targets. A great result Nigel. Handicap Silver went to the scratch winner, Bob Warder with Gary Griffiths taking the Bronze position. A mention here for Mark Reacord who put in a modest score, but susch was the general scores, he missed a handicap position by a fraction od a point. Well done Mark. You need to set yourself new benchmarks now mate.

We spent the afternoon at South Worcester threatened by heavy rainclouds that fortunately, never delivered. Len comfortably took the scratch Gold spot with 79 breaks. Jonathan Skelding had left his super little pump action .410 at home but I suspect he wished he hadn't.He took the Scratch Silver position with John Griffiths taking the Bronze position with his fine shooting little 28g.


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