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Archived from May 17th


Glorious day for breaking clays.Looks like summer is about to make an appearance at last.

No particularly high scores this week but with half of our entries beating their average scores, we were given a well balanced set of targets. Top score of 55 was shared by Bob Warder and Julian Waszczak with Julian taking the Gold medal on handicap adjustment. Scratch Bronze place went to Gary Griffiths. Handicap Gold was won by David Gee with a score os 43 that bettered his average by almost 6 clays. Great shooting Dave. Handicap runner up, just half a point behind went to Chris Arthur with a fine 51 broken clays. Simon Honeyborne took the handicap Bronze spot, beating Robert Wilson by the narrowest margin I've ever seen, just one hundredth of a point. After a serious score downgrade at South Worcester, (someone couldn't count), Len Sandford still retained his top scratch position with 80 broken clays. Silver position went to John Griffiths who broke 70% of his targets with his super little 28g, with Trevor Griffith's 20g taking the Bronze spot. Handicap Gold position was easily taken by John's 28g with a handicap score 16 points better than Len's runner up score. Handicap Bronze went to Trevor G's 2og.

John G introduced us to Aziz Al Redha, a Kuwaiti national who had not shot since serious Knee surgery a couple of years ago. He put in a creditable 43 at SW and showed steady improvements on each stand. All you need is a little practice Aziz, you've definitely not lost your touch.


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