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Archived from June 28th


Some super scores from Butlers this week and some very stisfying comments on the quality of the shoot. Bob Warder's 60 sneaked the scratch topspot by a single target from Bob Jordan and Julian Waszczak. Bob jordan took the Silver place from Julian after their handicap scores were added. Everyone beat their handicap average average this week. A record I suspect.

Trevor Griffiths took the Handicap Gold after demonstrating that he and his mighty 20g have certainly not forgotten how to break clays. Bob Jordan was Handicap runner up with Robert Wilson filling in the Bronze position. A great score Robert. A special mention for Suzie Small who's 7.5 targets above average just missed third place. This would have easily taken the Gold spot on an average day. Keep it up Su, you shot suparbly.

Last week.there were a couple of difficult stands at South Worcester if judged from the scoresheet. Jonathan Thornton took the scratch Gold medal place with 81 kills, beating Trevors 20g which still managed the Silver place with a 69% kill rate.3rd place went Tony Gray with a score of 64. The star of the day was clearly our multi talented desert jockey Aziz Al Redha. On only his fifth appearance, he put in yet another best score (for himsel), continueing an unbroken trend since he restarted clay shooting 7 weeks ago. This week he earned the Handicap topspot with a score 7 targets better than his average. Great shooting Aziz.Trevor took the handicap runner up spot with John Griffiths taking the Handicap Bronze position. The trend towards small calibre guns continued this week when Dave Salter bought out his latest .410 pump action. Despite his modest score, I'm assured he finished the afternoon with a broad smile on his face which suggests he is expecting some great scores from his new claybuster.


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