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Archived from July 5th


Plenty of folk on holiday thia week (me included) but some good targets at Butlers from the results.

Only 3 shooters did not match their average scores. Julian Waszczak took the top spot with a super (and satifying, i'm sure) 63 dead clays. Chris Arthur took the Silver position by matching his top score of the year with another 60 broken targets. Bob Warder took scratch Bronze with 59. Handicap results were amazing. Robert Wilson changed his musket from a Ceasar Gorini to a (spit loudly) Browning 12b and beat his average by over 15 points. A message there about gun fit I believe. A brilliant score Robert, you need to keep it up now. Another fine score took the Handicap Silver place. Chris Arthur's 60 beat his average by almost 13 points. Alan Bayley just missed his first 50% score but he put in a personal best and beat his current average by over 9 targets. Well done everyone.

I missed a good shoot. A new top gun at South Worcester this week. Julian Waszczak joined the squad and took the scratch Gold spot with a 73% kill rate. Jonathan Skelding took Silver place, scoring 68 with his ancient but superb pump action .410. Aziz took the scratch bronze and the Handicap Gold place by matching the 63 he scored last week. Well done Aziz. John Grifiths took the Handicap Silver. Julian's benchmark 73 took the handicap bronze place.


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