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Archived from January 11th


A cold and miserable day which resulted in a low turnout. A difficult course at Butlers judged on the fact that no-one beat their average score. I cannot recollect that ever happening before.

Top score came from Gary Griffiths who broke 55 targets using light cartridges. Runner up was Bob Warder with 50 kills. Len Sandford took the scratch Bronze with 49 targets destroyed. Gary's 55 was just 0.4 of a target below his average but it was good enough to take the Handicap Gold spot. Roy Kitchen was runner up with Dave Nightingale taking the Handicap Bronze position.

South Worcester was a washout. Three of us were brave enough to start but the cold wind and driving rain cut the day short. We averaged our scores with the result that Tony Gray took the top spot for being the coldest and the wettest and recording the best score. Trevor G took the runner up spot with Len taking the bronze position. Trevor easily took the handicap Gold with Tony taking the Siver and Len the handicap Bronze. All in all, a difficult day's shooting from weather conditions to course difficulty. Hope next week is better.


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