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Archived from December 13th


A great shoot with our best turnout of the year, and a spread of Xmas culinary delights that really cranked up the Christmas spirit.  Well done everyone. It was a pity we could not get  a good comprehensive photo shot of our shooters before we started but I believe Keith managed to get most of us recorded for posterity.

An excellent shoot was provided  with several testing targets that that certainly raised the profanity levels in my squad. Before giving the scores, can I first congratulate Mark Reacord who joined us as a newcomer in July last year and struggled  with most targets. His average score was just 20 kills with a best of 33 achieved in last year's Xmas shoot. This year he has improved his average by over 9 points and his best score rocketing to 48. A super improvement and it is with great pleasure that we declare him our St Judes Champion for being our most improved shooter of the year.  

Two of our best shots dominated the sscratch score board this year. Bob Warder took the top spot by a single target with 67 broken clays. Dave Salter, just one target less with 66 broken clays took the scratch Silver medal.  Great scores on a testing course.  Steve Honner, with 60 kills, beat the rest of the field for the scratch Bronze medal.  Handicap Gold went to Malcolm Speer who beat his average by almost 11 targets, in doing so, beating  Bob Warder's Handicap Silver score by 2.5 targets. Dave Salter took the Handicap Bronze a single target behind.

After the results,Trevor gave an excellent historical summary of how and when our group came together, and Bob Jordan and Robert Wilson distributed awards to some of the other notables that had helped make this another successful  year for the Coffin Dodgers. For his skill at putting on an excellent shoot eack week, Shane Casey was awarded the Club's Serendipity award, while the CDA's Serendipity award went to David Gee, the Dodger who has ensured each weekly medal was awarded to it's rightful recipient.A magnificent job that I had once thought impossible.

Thin squad's the last couple of weeks at South Worcester. Last week's was stunted by the extended festivities at Mr Butler's ground. (commentary above) which took over the normal afternoon schedule. We will all be present and correct next week when our normall routine returns. Tony was scratch top gun with.76 broken targets followed by Mr Griffith's mighty little 28g on 62.  Jonathan's .410 pump action on 53 bought up the the rear.  Handicap positions were replica's of the scratch scores..


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