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Archived from November 22nd


My birthday, and can I thank everyone for their greetings, cards, and (liquid) presents.

After my recent sojourn to Spain, Ian decided to aquire a Santa Jumper to ensure I can slip through Spanish border control without any problems.

Back to shooting. A good mix of targets again and some cracking scores in this week. Bob Warder was back to top form again and logged a superb 66 to take the scratch Gold and give everyone else a lesson on how to shoot the H&W targets. Chris Arthur's 64 beat Geoff Pomroy's similar score on Handicap adjusment. An excellent set of top three scores. Chris's scratch Silver position easily took the Handicap topspot.with a score 12 points better than his 2023 average. Mark Reacord took the Handicap silver position beating Geoff Romroy into third place by almost two targets. Some great results at Butlers this week. Geoff Pomroy's 79 earned him top gun at Upton. Jon Skelding was two points behind to take the runner up position..Jon's 77 earned him the Handicap topspot, beating Geoff by 4 targets. Len was in scratch and Handicap third place.

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