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Archived from May 28th


A super day for a shoot.  Fingers crossed, there could have been a hint of Summer in the air last week. Some excellent scores as well. At H&W, Julian Waszczak's 67 was his best score for two years and headed the scoreboard by a clear 3 targets. A great Gold medal-winning effort Julian.    Runner-up was Chris Arthur whose score of 64 pipped Bob Warder's similar score on handicap adjustment. Bob took scratch third spot.  Another outstanding score again from Don Walford. This week's 47 was as last week, the most improved, gold medal-winning handicap score of the week. I think he should be telling the British Army what he is on. It is certainly working and it might be a useful supplement for the aspiring snipers amongst them.  A  great score Don.  Julian took the handicap  Silver place. A fresh face amongst us for the last couple of months, Kit Taylor  put in his best score so far and took the Handicap third spot. Keep it up, Kit!.

A super set of targets at South Worcester. (I'm biased, as I murdered them). Top score was Len's 88, his best score at S.W for 2 years. Runner-up, was Geoff Pomroy who appeared to have shot with a bent barrel this week.  Aziz is back in the UK and broke a creditable 67 clays to take third place.  Len's score took the handicap winning spot  with Trevor Griffiths runner-up. Aziz took the handicap Bronze place.  Apart from his short-term memory, Trevor G is now functioning very well. His speech and general confidence are much improved and his general health appears to be pretty well back to normal. We're working on his general fitness at the moment. It's great to have him breaking targets again.  I'm off on holiday next week for most of the Summer and will find it Impossible to reliably get Trevor out on Wednesday's. We shall be trying  a plan B next week,  but he may need a little help the form of a lift.  I will keep you all informed.                                                     


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