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Archived from December 9th

December 9th

A good shoot with some interesting and testing targets. These seemed to be balanced out by a few less testing stands. (the average score was the third highest of the year) Bob Warder took the scratch medal with a score of 63, closely followed by Dave Salter's 71. Ian Jeffries took the closely fought Handicap medal by beating Ian Edwards by less than 1 target.

We were late arriving at South Worcester and we were well into the evening at the close. (It would have been too dark to shoot another stand) Len was high gun with 79 ex 100 with Ian Edwards taking the Handicap award by shooting 5 clays better than his average.

Regarding our traditional Xmas shoot. with the ground's permission, I suggest we shall shoot our usual round of sporting on December the 23rd. Afterwards, we will be legally constrained by the Covid regulations relating to organised sports activities,

Outside we are restricted to a maximum group size of 30 providing social distancing rules are respected. I believe that this will allow us to congregate on the car park for sufficient time to allow our results to be analysed and our annual medals distribution to take place.

The regulations forbid more than 15 people meeting indoors so I think our 'normal' catering arrangements should be suspended this year and our ceremony be kept to a minimum.

If we keep to these simple constraints we will not compromise our hosts or break any Covid rules. Give me some feedback

As a final point, I'm happy to report that the 'Keeper of the Rabbit' Trevor, has left hospital after successful surgery to remove a suspected cancerous growth on his tongue. It was a long operation and he will need a period of convalescence but he is looking forward to joining us again in the not too distant future. Great News. Get back soon Trevor.


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