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Archived from September 9th

September 9th

The most amusing event of the day was the appearance of a particularly aggressive rabbit who clearly had no worries about showing off his presence at a ground where shootable bunnies were thin on the groung. He must live a charmed life when out in the wild.

Best shot of the day last Wednesday was Li. His improvement since he re-stocked his magnificent German musket has been most impressive. He has confidently smacked the most difficult targets on the ground including all the rapid loopers on Skeet one. Well done Li.

Gary Griffiths seemed to benefit from a change of guns by taking the Handicap medal using his new (spit) Browning. He beat David Nightingale by less than half a point on a shoot where both shot 5 better than their averages.

South Worcester showed that when Mr Edwards cuts back on his penchant for Simultaneous pairs, his scores improve. He shot 6 better than his average to easily take the handicap award. Dave salter broke an excellent 81 to take the scratch award.


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