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Archived from September 3rd

September 3rd

Another great set of targets on Wednesday and some excellent scores. I didn't get all the scores if someone from each squad simply photo's the card with a smartphone and sends it on to myself on 07836 367889 using either WhatsApp or an ordinary message, I'd appreciate it. It's difficult to review the shoot without a full set of results though on this occasion I believe I probably cocked up the transfer myself.

Bob Jordan showed his mettle again and left everyone trailing by at least 3 points to take the scratch medal. A rapidly improving Steve Honner shot 12 above his annual average to easily take the handicap award. He took the Scratch and handicap

Steady rainfall marred the afternoon shoot causing John G to resign himself to a damp buttoning and scoring session. Trevor G gave the rest of the squad a shooting lesson using his 20g


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