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Archived from September 23rd

September 23rd

Who say's size is everything? Dave Nightingales squad produced the best scores of the day with The 'Keeper of the Rabbit', (Trevor Griffiths) showing everyone that a miniscule 28g shotgun is no lightweight when it comes to breaking clays. His 62 kills on the day cleaned up the Scratch shoot by 4 targets and the Handicap award by a clear.7 points.

The best of the rest were David Nightingale and Bob Warder each with 58 kills. David was a clear runner up in the Handicap competition with a score 6 points better than his average.

This weeks message is that if you can't beat a 28g, with your 12g, perhaps you are using the wrong gun!

Poor weather and traffic conditions reduced the SW squad to just two stalwarts. On the plus side, we skipped round. Len put in a satisfying 78 to take the scratch and handicap award..


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