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Archived from September 21st


A perfect shooting day and a much easier course with 9 shooters beating their averages. Some great scores were recorded with Gary Griffiths continuing his steady improvement to break 67 targets this week. He takes the scratch Gold medal. Runner up was Bob Jordan with a superb 64 dusted clays. Bronze position went to Rhiddian Billingham just one target behind Bob. The scratch leaders also shared the Handicap results. Gary's scratch win also earned him the Handicop Gold medal. Handicap Silver went to Rhiddian with the Bronze going to Bob Jordan.

A most impressive set of scores.

It was a quiet afternoon at South Worcester. No waiting and some good mixed targets that kept everyones scores down. Len's 79 sneaked the top gun award by beating Jonathan Skelding by a single target on the last stand. Jonathan had led comfortably for the first 8 of the then found his match on the 9th leading to a tied 10th. Geoff Pomroy filled the Bronze place with 73 scored. Jonathan took the handicap Gold by 5 clear points beating Len into the silver place.with Geoff taking the handicap Bronze position. Some excellent Jars of prize winning honey for sale at S.W.


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