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Archived from October 5th


A novel set of results last week. Everyone beat their average. This may have been influenced by the fact that one squad reported that it shot 77 targets so I have assumed that everyone shot the same, and, as no records or controversial scores were returned,

I have allowed the scores to stand as read. Top gun, again, was Julian Waszczak who is shooting at his best at the moment. Well done again Julian. Runner up was Gary Griffiths who is also putting in some excellent scores these days. Bronze spot went to Bob Warder who's skill and consistancy has been an inspiration to all of us for more years than I can remember.

A fine set of results. The Handicap positions are the measure of each shooter's inndividual improvement. This week is no exception. After endless weeks of scoring around the 50% mark, Don Walford took the Gold medal when he popped in an amazing 48, beating his average by almost 10 clear breaks. He has has set himself a new benchmark now. Malcolm Speer took the Silver spot with another of his 'out of the blue' performances that reminds us all of his ability when he gets in the mood. Dave Gee rounded off a trio of great improvements by beating his average by over 8 points to take the Handicap bronze. Great shooting Dave.

Tony Gray took the scratch top spot at South Worcester by breaking 77% of his 100 targets. Jonathan Skelding took the Silver spot with 67. Jonathan has been working hard at getting a gun fit problem sorted and it looks like he still has a long way to go. John Griffiths was in bronze position with 48% kills. Tony's score also gave him the Handicap Gold with John G taking the SIlver. Jonathan took the Bronze.

Another good day's shooting I believe.


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