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Archived from May 3rd


A glorious day and a challenging shoot at Mr Butlers. I could not see one of the targets, the fast mini on the far top steps, so had to concede 4 targets without firing a shot.

If you read this Shane, eyesight tests are unfair targets and are no measure of shooting ability.

Bob Warder took the scratch Gold with a super 59 kills. Three targets less gave Julian Waszczak the silver medal spot. Len Sandford's 50 took the Bronze position despite the mini clay debacle. A special mention to Dave Nightingale who beat fifteen 12b shooters using his lightly loaded .410. A great shoot David.. Handicap top spot went to Don Walford who beat his average by almost 4 points. Julian W took the Silver medal place just a hundredth of a target behind.Don. Bob Warder took the handicap Bronze spot.

A testing set of targets at South Worcester. Paul Stokes made them look easy by missing just 13 out of 100. Tony Gray was the runner up with 76 kills with Jonathan Thornton in third place just two targets behind Tony. After being severly chastised for missing 4 on the first stand, Trevor's 20g went onto it's best behaviour and treated it's owner to the Handicap Gold position. Paul Stokes was less than a point behind in Silver place closely followed by Tony Gray.

A great day's shooting on what I reckon was the first day of summer.


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