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Archived from May 26th

May 26th

Some more excellent results this week.

Trevor's new hearing aids obviously helped him hear the prompts and advice from his squad while his trusty 20g also behaved faultlessly enabling him to shatter 66 targets and take the scratch Gold medal. This was Trevor's best score for three years. Absolutely brilliant.

Another good result for Bob Warder who took the Silver medal place with 65 dusted targets. Julian Waszczak, with 64, took the Bronze. Handicap Gold went to Dave Gee who is clearly our most improved shooter to date. He is an inspiration to all of our aspiring champions. Just weeks ago, he was struggling to break 40. Malcolm Speer took the Handicap Silver place with another super round where he beat his average by 13 clear targets. Just need a little consistancy now, Malcolm.

Handicap Bronze went to Nigel Jordan who beat his average by 12 kills and equalled his best ever score. Well done Nigel.

South Worcester promised a wet afternoon with a heavy downpour as we ate our pre-shoot hot sandwiches. despite some threatening rainclouds later, we had a super afternoon's sport.

Len took the scratch top spot with an amazing, (for him) 91 shattered targets, Silver was taken by Geoff Pomroy who's 85 was his best score this year. He was closely followed by Dave Salter who took the bronze place with 84. Len's 91 also took the Handicap Gold. Trevor's 20g continued on its best form by taking the silver place just 2 kills behind while Geoff Pomroy, just one point behind Trevor, took the handicap Bronze.


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