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Archived from May 19th

May 19th

Well….. We dropped a right rollock on last weeks scores. The writer mistakenly took a couple of scores from his phone as being last weeks when they were earned the week before and it resulted in two absent shooters taking all the glory for a difficult shoot that they didn't even attend . I've corrected the results and revised the commentary. Julian Shuker is always thereabout these days and his 74 earned him the scratch Gold medal with Bob Warder taking the runner-up award with a close 73.

Bob, It's great to see that at least one of us 'old uns' can still get it right. Robert Wilson was the only shooter to beat his average making him the handicap winner from Suzi Small who was barely a point behind. It was a difficult course and you both deserve a massive 'Well done'

South Worcester saw a tie for Gold between Dave Salter and Gary Griffiths. Both put in a crediable 79 ex 100. Gary was handicap winner. Finally, a thank you for the dodgers who send in their squad results I can't do a commentary without the emailed and messaged results I get. Last week proved that mistakes can be made. Can we reduce the chances by getting the date (and the surnames) on the cards you forward to me. (07836 367789) Once again apologies for my mistakes.

A good turnout on what proved to be a difficult shoot. Most shooters were disappointed with their scores but the day's average score was only 42.2 so the course was one of the most difficult recorded for over 2 years. No records were broken except for the fewest number of people beating their average. (only three guns managed it).

Top score was recorded by Geoff Pomeroy who's 57 kills earned him the scratch gold medal. Well done Geoff. Although well below his best, Julian Shuker's 54 beat all 18 other Dodgers to take the runner up slot. This year, Julian is proving to be one of our most consistent and accurate shooters. Keep it up mate! Geoff's top score easily earned him the Handicap gold beating Steve Honnor by a clear 3 points. Sharing the same squad certainly helped both of them.

Nothing from South Worcester this week as the author was unable to attend. If I get any scores I shall add them belatedly.


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