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Archived from May 12th

May 12th

A great shoot that clearly suited many of you. 7 guns put in their best scores this year with Dave Salter's 65 just beating Bob Warder to the high gun medal.

The handicap was even more startling. Virtually every set of scorecards had a potential winner on them. (only 3 people had a bad day and did not reach their average. The winner was Don Walford who put in the highest handicap score recorded this year, even beating Trevor's mazing .410 score last week. The handicap runner-up was He Li, who improved on his 2021 average by 7 clays.

Overall, I think Shane must have been feeling sorry for us 'cos I think he left only 1 'WTF' target this week. He left the flying right to left battue just to prove that his sense of humour had not diminished.

Despite a weather warning, South Worcester turned out perfect and the squad had a great afternoon's shooting. Paul Stokes joined us again and equalled his last week's winning score of 85 to take top spot. No shooting lesson this week though as he was chased all the way with Len finishing just a single bird behind him. His 84 was his best score this year. It's great to see Trevor getting back into the swing. His 66 with his mighty 28g easily took the handicap award though Handicap runner up Li put in his best score for two years and is clearly back to enjoying himself. See you all next week.


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