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Archived from May 10th


A couple of the most testing targets at H&W were moderated a little this week I thought.In particular, I could see the mini crosser up the far steps this week. Thanks Shane.

With only a single break seperated the top three scores at Butlers this week, competition is clearly getting tight. Geoff Pomroy took the scratch Gold medal with 58 broken clays. He beat Julian Waszczak's similar score by less than a point on handicap adjustment. Bob Warder was in third place after missing just one target less than Geoff and Julian. Malcolm Speer put in an excellent 53 kills to take the Handicap Gold position by 4 clear points. A great score Malcolm. Runner up was Geoff Pomroy with Julian Waszczak taking the Bronze position less than a point behind Geoff.

Another tight contest at South Worcester this week with the top three scratch scores within a single point of each other Geoff Pomroy is now settling into a consistancy routine that he should be proud of. From being our most promising newcomer a couple of years ago at Butlers, he is now putting in scores that are amongst our best. His Gold spot this week was won with a 76% break being recorded. Silver place went to Len Sandford, a point behind, with Trevor Griffiths's 20g taking the Bronze spot just a point behind Len. Handicap Gold went to John Griffiths's mighty 28g. Trevor's 20g took the runner up spot with Geoff Pomroy taking the Bronze position.

These scores clearly show that small bores do well on this course despite many targets being shot at long range with light loads.


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