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Archived from March 9th

March 9th.

I hate to be critical as we have plenty of great shoots at H & W, but we had a seriuos setback today as very few peopls got to shoot all of the designated targets. A few complaints got reported back. Usual culprit during these shorter days is the sun. It inconveniently blights some stands by presenting itself behind the targets making the clays invisible and temporarily blinding the unfortunate shooter who is paying for them. The staff testing the suspect stands before shooting might have avoided some of those wasted birds.

This week, the strong wind made lots of targets far more challenging. which many see as a great result, however it made just one set of targets potentialy dngerous as the clays were wind driven towards potentilly exposed shooters. A late shot could have led to injuries. This was corrected but once again, an early testing of the targets might have avoided the safety lapse.

Results were not reliable as many squads had to make up their numbers by shooting some stands twice. Len took scratch Gold with 62 closely followed for Silver by David Nightingale's 61. Bronze went to Steve Honner's 59. Mr. Nightingale also took the Handicap Gold by narrowly beating Gary Griffiths score by less than a single target.

Good Silver Gary. Len took the handicap Bronze medal. The wind added an interesting dmension to some of the SW targets. Scratch Gold went to Paul Stokes who joined us for the first time ths year. His 85 was well up to his normal superb standard. Geoff Pomroy took the Silver with a great 81 breaks. Len took the Bronze with 77. Geoff's 81 easily took the Handicap Gold with Tony Gray taking the Silver. Len won the handicap Bronze.


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