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Archived from March 3rd

March 2nd

Some fresh faces in the medals on Wednesday. Scratch Gold went to Ian Jeffries who's 61 was his best ever recorded score. Given the testing birds on several of the stands, that was an absolutely brilliant score.

Silver went Trevor Griffith's 20g that nailed 60 targets. I think we should all be sharing the medication he is on at the moment. Fei Kong, recently back from over 2 years Covid isolation in China, took the Bronze with 59 hits proving that a break is not always a bad thig. Wel done Fei.

Not surprisingly, Ian's 61 also won him the Handicap Gold. Silver went to Malcolm Speer who broke 7 clays more than his average. Ed Loft took the Bronze by breaking 6 more than his average. All in all, some great handicap shows this week.

South Worcester Top score was Len's 81 with that dratted 20g of Trevor's again proving that a size isn't everything when it comes to shotguns. His 72 beat Geof Pomroy's same score after the handicap scores were added. Geof took the scratch Bronze medal.

Trevor took the Handicap Gold leaving Len with the Silver and Tony Gray with te Bronze.

I would remind everyone that the targets at SW are totally different from those at Mr Butlers. If you want to experience some more distant targets, join us for the afternoon and widen the range (literally) of Clay targets you can experience.

A reminder that we have a few Coffin Dodgers sew on badges available for those proud enough to wear them. Let Bob Jordan or myself, Len, know if you want one. They cost a fiver each, that is what they cost to design and produce. Happy shooting.


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